2013 Silicon Valley Rally

Presented by Silicon Valley EAA Chapter
Held Saturday, September 28, 2013 at

in parking lot A

Click on EVent images below for larger view

Charging area, viewed from the EVent

Charging area, viewed toward the EVent

AAA's plugin-Prius conversion plugged into a level-1 120VAC outlet

Portable PV array powering the 'too-loud' PA system

Sadly those booths close to the PA stage were drowned out thus could not talk to the public

Cross-country EV riding veteran Terry Hershner, visted the EVent

eVgo had their Leaf EV at their booth

Utility PG&E had their Ford C-Max Energi pih/phev at their booth

A local dealer displayed a Fiat 500e EV at their booth

Fiat 500e EV, rear view

GM Chevy Spark EV, front view

GM Spark EV, rear view

Honda Fit EV, front view

Honda Fit EV, driver's seat view

Honda Fit EV, rear view

2 seat human-Electric trike

Karma pih, rear-side view

Karma pih, front view

eVgo rep. came to the EVent needing a charge and had not plugged in during the EVent. AAA's truck gave a level-3 charge to the eVgo Leaf EV before they left the EVent.

The AAA driver started up the on-board diesel generator

The AAA truck parked in front of the Leaf EV to plug in their L3 CHAdeMO coupler

Genset display shows the state-of-charge (SOC)


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